About the Game

Thwart is a game of mystery and intrigue, where you’ll need to adapt your strategy to meet the challenges that will confront you! Each game is played on a board that contains 16 slots in 4 different shapes.

The Board

The Elements

Randomly selected tiles representing the elements must all be placed onto the board to complete a game. These tiles come in four different sizes.

Four of the slots on the board are framed in colours representing at least two of the elements. Collectively these framed slots are called the frame.

Tiles moved or placed into a framed slot are locked.

Move tiles around the board to earn valuable crystals , which may save you from being thwarted.

The Frame

Locked Tiles


Crystals are rewards collected at the completion of a game. Crystals have special powers that can be used during a game to collect more crystals or to avoid being thwarted. There are three ways to collect crystals.

1. Reach Par

The par score varies according to the level of the game. A Crystal is awarded for par.

2. Form a Chain

A Chain is where all four tiles of a particular element lie side by side when the game is completed. A Crystal is awarded for a chain.

3. Match a Frame

A frame filled with tiles bearing their respective colours is matched. A Crystal is awarded for matching a frame

Thwart is a collection of short stories taken from the Books of the Elements

Earth, Air, Water & Fire.

Each successive story book provides you with additional vials, which capture and hold crystals earned along your journey. Each of these vials converts crystals into different types of energy to be used where and when required.

Tap a vial to release the power of the crystal within.

The Game's Creator

Glenn Westmore is the Creator of Thwart and the Director of Thwart Games. This is his second version of Thwart, the first was released in 2012.

Glenn currently works as a Program Manager at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where he also spent over twenty years teaching Mathematics.

Apart from creating game apps, Glenn also has a passion for creative Mathematics. Extensive blogs can be found at his website:

email: glenn@thwartgames.com

In this updated version Glenn would like to thank Gridstone for the Project Management and the team at Dime Studios for the Game Development.